Fookus Meedia and Geenius Meedia founded a joint sales organisation and came out with two new portals

Magazine publisher Fookus Meedia and web portal manager Geenius Meedia founded a joint sales organisation – fg1 meedia – and came out with two new portals.

The new company – fg1 meedia – is managed by Egle Haidak, who has 20 years of media experience. She has served as the advertising director of Ajakirjade Kirjastus, chief executive of the magazine Mood, and the Estonian lead of digital agency Isobar, which is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network group.

The product portfolio of fg1 meedia includes Estonia’s best technology news portal Geenius; women’s monthly magazine Tiiu, which has the largest print run in Estonia; history and nostalgia magazine Elukiri; and Estonia’s biggest fashion magazine Mood.

In the beginning of May, new portals and started with their beta versions.

Every day, shares fashion, beauty, design, art, and travel news with its readers. It is a portal for everyone who is enthusiastic about Estonian and foreign designs, from fashion to architecture, and who thinks that travelling and cultural experiences are as natural part of life as a cup of coffee in the morning. The three-member editorial board of is led by Silvia Pärmann.

The objective of is to reach 70,000 unique users every month by the end of the year and to do at the same pace as, which started a year and a half ago. During its first few weeks, the portal has exceeded its initial goals regarding unique users by two-fold.

Autogeenius is a portal for a wide audience, not just car enthusiasts like most other publications on cars in Estonia. With the new portal, we aim to multiply the number of people reading about cars in Estonia and we shall do so by using new approaches, exciting co-authors, and by covering subjects that people can relate to. Autogeenius is also the only publication in Estonia that publishes fresh Estonian language car reviews by Jeremy Clarkson each week.

The start of Autogeenius indicates that it is a project with the potential to grow even bigger than the main site, Geenius: the site already has several reader magnets which have increased the site’s reader numbers very close to the level of the digital publication Geenius.

In 2007, Fookus Meedia began as a book publisher that issued many best-selling books: from handicraft books to biographies and translations of Jeremy Clarkson’s works. In October 2011, Fookus Meedia started publishing the monthly magazine Tiiu, which rapidly became the monthly women’s magazine with the largest circulation in Estonia. In spring 2014, Fookus Meedia bought the magazine Elukiri and in 2016 it took over the publishing of the magazine Mood.

In autumn 2015, Geenius Meedia began the technology portal In the beginning of 2017, Raadio 1, producer of the Digitund and Restart pod-casts, joined Geenius Meedia.